Born Again? Congrats Girl! Now What?

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Get Water Baptised

The word ‘baptism’ is derived from the Greek word “baptizo”, which means to immerse. 

Water baptism (full immersion in water) is a symbolic act that a born-again child of God participates in as per the instructions of Jesus (Matthew 28:19). Water baptism is like a public declaration to the devil and to the world that you no longer belong to it, but to Jesus.

Just as a wedding ring is a sign that a person is married, water baptism is a sign that a person has decided to follow Jesus. 

When you are immersed in water, it implies that your “old you with your past” is now buried with Christ’s death. When you come out of the water, it implies you stand as a new creation in the resurrected Jesus.

I believe in Jesus Christ as my only God and Saviour. How long should I wait to get water baptized?

If that’s in your thoughts, then you don’t have to wait any longer. In the New Testament church, people were baptized as soon as they believed (Acts 2:41, 8:38, 16:37). The Scripture is almost consistent in using the two words ‘Repent’ and ‘be baptized’ together. If you have accepted Jesus as the Lord of your life, your response should be like that of the eunuch in Acts 8: 36 who says, “What’s stopping me from getting baptized?”

Also, water baptism doesn’t make you born-again, rather you take water baptism when you get born-again.

Here’s how you can get prepared for your water baptism: Get into prayer and try to read and understand all verses in the Bible that talk about water baptism. Get in touch with your church pastor or someone mature in Jesus, who can help you and guide you through the process of water baptism.

Obedience to God always brings blessings. As you take this step of faith in getting water baptized, expect new doors of blessings and breakthroughs to open in your life!