Born Again? Congrats Girl! Now What?

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Hangout with Jesus Lovers

Imagine you want to learn a new language, say Spanish. While there are so many tutorials and Apps out there that can teach you Spanish, unless you start speaking and interacting with people fluent in the language, your learning remains incomplete.

So it is with your newfound faith in Christ. To understand the life of a Jesus Lover, you need other Jesus Lovers.

Even as you have begun this new journey, be careful about whom you keep as your close friends. When we choose friends that lack morals or common values, we run the risk of losing our own. Friends that are very close to us and don’t share our same faith can drag us back or keep us bound to our old life.

1 Corinthians 15:33 reminds us, “Do not be misled: Bad company corrupts good character.”

The greatest threat to your spiritual walk can come from compromising in the area of holding onto wrong friendships or relationships. Of course, we have to deal with non-believers in our day-to-day life; in school, at work, etc. It doesn’t mean you cut off yourself from the world. After all, as Jesus Lovers we are supposed to be the light in this dark world. Choose wisely who you deeply associate with.

We may have friends that do not share our beliefs, but our primary associations should be our brothers and sisters in the faith. These kinds of associations protect and encourage, and build us in faith and our understanding of God.

Be vigilant, do not be deceived. Burn every bridge that connects you to the past and check what kind of friends you want to hold onto.

The best place to find Jesus Lovers is in the church. Not any church, but a church that loves the Word of God, acknowledges the Holy Spirit, and is hungry to see God touch lives. Mind you, church is not a building, but a community of people who worship together, pray for others, comfort and serve others and encourage one another to be like Jesus. Join a church that will help you love Jesus more, and find out ways in which you can serve and be a part of that community.