Born Again? Congrats Girl! Now What?


A new best friend; A new language

How about having someone to guide you 24/7 on this new Jesus journey of yours? That’s where it is so important that you ask God for His Holy Spirit.

The Holy Spirit, also called the Spirit of Jesus, is a beautiful and powerful part of who God is. Invite Him so He can empower you to do God's will in every area of your life. Just as an earthly father gives good gifts to His children, so is God willing to give His Spirit freely to them that ask.

Make the Holy Spirit your best friend and He will help you grow in this new life in Christ. Whether it is understanding the Word of God, learning how to pray, or understanding the heart of God, He is here to help you. No friendship of this world can be compared with the friendship of the Holy Spirit. His friendship is pure and selfless!

It is impossible to live the life of Jesus without the Spirit of Jesus. Also, He does this wonderful job of making us strong in the areas where we feel weak! Let Him have all of you!

A secret language

The Holy Spirit can also give you a secret language to communicate with God called ‘The Gift of Tongues’. This is amazing because when you speak in tongues, it is like a key to open doorways to God’s supernatural world. And the best part is, your enemy the devil doesn’t understand it, nor does the world, but the Holy Spirit can interpret it for you.

Often, when we have a problem, we may not know everything about it or how to resolve it. And so we pray with limited knowledge or understanding about the situation. But, when we pray in tongues, we allow the Holy Spirit to pray on our behalf. He knows exactly what the problem is and exactly what you need. Wow! Isn’t that amazing?

Tongues helps us to express to God everything we are unable to put into words because of our human limitations. It is a powerful prayer gift not limited by distance, time, or head knowledge. So go ahead and ask the Holy Spirit to give you the gift of tongues.