Dealing With Doubt

Day 5 of 5 • This day’s reading


Prayer: Father, thank you for the stories in your Word that teach us about hard things in life. Thank you for seeing me and knowing my every thought. Show me today how you want me to press on, even in the midst of my doubt. Amen.

How do I press on with my doubt? 

Yesterday you read that you can either choose to respond faithfully or unfaithfully to your doubts. On this final day you will see another way to respond in faith is to press on with your doubts. In Matthew 28, the 11 disciples have gathered together to see and hear from the risen Jesus. When they saw Him, some worshiped Him while others doubted, wondering how this could be. After all, they did just see Him die a few days earlier. But even in the midst of their questioning, Jesus addressed the whole group, and commissioned them with making disciples of all people groups, baptizing them and teaching them to obey Jesus’ commandments, promising them that he will be with them forever. Jesus was fully aware of their doubts; surely He could see it on some of their faces. But He still had a plan for them—one that would change the world forever. 

What happened next? Did the disciples press on with their doubts? Yes! The Church was established, the Holy Spirit came and empowered them with boldness to proclaim the Gospel, the message of Jesus extended to the Gentiles, and the Church grew bigger and bigger. Two thousand years later, billions of people around the globe have put their faith in Jesus throughout history! All because those 11 apostles pressed on beyond their doubt, holding fast to their faith and hope that Christ will fulfill his promises. Think of what God has in store for you, too, when you press on beyond your doubt! 

Look in the Word:  

  1. Read Matthew 28:16-20. How might God be using your doubts to strengthen your faith?   

  2. What would happen if you moved forward in faith toward God, even in the midst of doubting? 

What’s next?  

  1. Sit down with that trusted friend, mentor, or pastor and talk about how you can press on with your doubts. Maybe you dive into research and evidence. Maybe you dive into Scripture more, trying to really understand what it says. Talk with them about how you can faithfully respond to your doubt.