Dealing With Doubt

Day 4 of 5 • This day’s reading


Prayer: Father, you have given me a spirit of power and not of fear. I choose to embrace that and make the decision to respond in faith to my doubts today. Holy Spirit, guide me. Strengthen me. Empower my response to my doubt. Amen.

What do you do with your doubts?    

When we experience doubt as a believer, we have a responsibility to respond. We must make a choice: we can respond faithfully by using our questions to draw near to God and seek Him or we can respond unfaithfully by using our questions as an excuse to not engage with God. 

One practical way you can respond in faith is to acknowledge your doubts. God already knows what you are thinking and feeling. He is not surprised by anything, but He is honored when you bring your fears to Him and He is glorified when you acknowledge these fears to other believers. Another way you can respond in faith is to investigate your doubts. God the Father, Jesus, the resurrection, the Bible, and every other aspect of our faith have withstood many centuries of examination by people from every era and education level. He has  never been proven wrong. He invites your questions and desires for you to seek Him. 

These principles and truths are outlined in the Psalms as different authors respond to their doubt by acknowledging their observations and investigating their questions. Today, you will read a few examples.

Look in the word: 

  1. Read Psalm 13. The psalmist questions God. Have you ever been honest with God like this? What prevents you from approaching Him this way? 

  2. Read Psalm 73. The psalmist acknowledges many things about the world that he observes that are not in line with what he expects from God. What do you observe in the world that makes you question God’s character? What do you observe in the world that makes you question God’s capability? 

What’s next?  

  1. Think of a trusted friend with whom you can acknowledge your doubts. Share your list of doubts from day 1 with that friend or mentor.   

  2. As you look over your list of doubts from day 1, identify which of these doubts you may need to investigate further. Are you drawing near to God or making excuses to disengage from God?