Dealing With Doubt

Day 2 of 5 • This day’s reading


Prayer: God, I cannot comprehend your eternal and infinite nature. Yet, in so many ways, you reveal yourself to me. You show me who you are in creation and in your word and in the way you sent Jesus down to earth to live and die and rise again. Thank you, Father, for the reality of the resurrection. Thank you that your faithfulness is not changed by my lack of faith. Soften my heart to believe you and trust you with my doubts. Amen.

Why do we doubt?   

Doubt does not stem from a lack of evidence. God is knowable. There is much about Him that you can understand and that He has revealed to you. He provides evidence of His existence and reliability. God is also incomprehensible. There is much about Him that you will never be able to understand. His ways are higher than our ways and His thoughts are higher than our thoughts. Our response to this truth can lead us to dependence or doubt. 

Doubt comes from the heart. Today's parable is about a man who asks God to warn his family about hell. Jesus tells him that even if his family members saw someone raised from the dead, they still would not believe because they did not believe with the evidence they already had in front of them. Even if you had the evidence you think you desire, you might not be convinced if your heart is hardened. Fortunately, your belief does not determine reality. The lack of comprehension or conviction does not indicate that God is not real or that His promises are not true. However, you can make a decision to trust Him and live faithfully in the unknown.

Look in the Word: 

  1. Read Romans 11:33-35. What mysteries of the faith has God revealed to us? Where are you not trusting God with the unknowns?  

  2. Read Luke 16:19-31. What evidence are you demanding from God? What evidence do you have that you do not want or refuse to believe? 

What’s next?  

  1. Make a “God is” list. Read through your Bible and write down the attributes and characteristics of God that you observe. What has God revealed about Himself? What does this mean for you? What does this mean for your doubts?