The Encounter: Advancing Your Spiritual Life Through Fasting

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My Prayer

I pray that your heart has been stirred by the Lord to approach a time of fasting and prayer in a new way. If you’re ready to set aside distractions and seek him with faith and expectancy, let’s pray this prayer together:

Father, amid my hopes and dreams or feelings of dissatisfaction and frustration, I find one consistency—my continual need for you. You stand at the center of it all, and I have no desire to reach for anything else. You are the epicenter of absolute fulfillment—the foundation of my life. You are the One who restores my sense of balance when things feel wobbly and unsure. You are the balm of peace when my soul feels frazzled. 

You have heard my cry to become yours, unconditionally. Unchain my soul from anything that hinders the reality of heaven in my life. I want nothing to rule me except for you. Fine-tune my spirit so nothing distorts your voice or causes dismay. In your wisdom, use seasons of dissatisfaction as a catapult to launch me into the most significant breakthroughs I’ve ever known. May this fast facilitate a mindset shift that untangles the web of unhealthy thoughts and ignites my faith anew. I offer you all that I am and lay aside everything that has restricted me. I want to be fully present with you at all times, instead of wholly consumed by problems. I’m ready to step into the new things you have for me, Lord.

In my devotional, The Encounter, we come into His presence together. Each devotion contains a short encouragement, a prayer, steps for transformation, and verses to ponder. At the end of the book, we pray and take holy communion together. This devotional can be used for any length or type of fasting.

It is my prayer that you will encounter the Lord in new and glorious ways.

—Gretchen Rodriguez

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