The Encounter: Advancing Your Spiritual Life Through Fasting

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The Bridal Fast

If you desire a closer relationship with the Lord, I invite you to encounter him with me. Whether you enjoy a fantastic relationship with him or feel dry and weary, fasting is a key to transformation. In particular, what I call, the "Bridal Fast." 

The "Bridal Fast" is an expression of our intense desire for more of the Lord. It’s a form of surrender that declares that God alone satisfies the deepest cravings of our starving souls. It is our response to his invitation for a lifestyle of holy intimacy and daily encounter. We are setting aside time to be with the One we love. 

Jesus is the focus of this fast, not our prayer requests. Regardless of how important our prayers are, we need him more. When we’re in sync with the Lord, he imparts faith, strength, peace, and wisdom. When we have him, we have the answers to everything we need. In him, we find life’s greatest treasures, so in him is where we must stay—wrapped in the reality of God’s presence. He is our breakthrough. What an incredible privilege it is to honor the Lord not only with words but also with actions. Jesus is worth every ounce of our searching, seeking, and yielding.

During your fast, slow your pace. Step away from distractions like social media, cell phones, news, television, etc., and spend this time with the Lord instead. Schedule moments for stillness and contemplation where you’re not saying anything but simply beholding him in the quiet of your heart and listening. Permit yourself to stop thinking and be fully present with the Lord instead of wholly consumed by problems. An overwhelmed mind has trouble hearing the voice of God. Stillness helps lift the anxiety. His glory will become more noticeable, and when your heart and mind are on that, you’ll feel lighter and more peaceful. This is the place where prayers are answered. When your mind and soul are at rest, it’s much easier to recognize his voice and receive his instructions.