Jesus: Your Soul’s Sole Passion

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When Jesus Christ is the foundation of your life, He secures your salvation for you forever. Once you trust in Him alone, you receive eternal life. Your salvation issue is settled. But that doesn’t mean there isn’t work to do!

When you begin to build your life on the foundation, if you don’t practice spiritual disciplines, you will end up with severe structural damage.

Spiritual disciplines were never meant to be confined to seminaries. They are indispensable to every Christian’s spiritual upkeep. The Bible straightforwardly refers to spiritual discipline: “Train yourself to be godly (1 Timothy 4:7),” Paul wrote.

Healthy practice of the spiritual disciplines avoids both legalistic and manipulative approaches. They do not save us. Instead, they are our overflow response to God’s expectations and provisions. They are the means that God uses to produce godliness in us.

Here is a helpful way to categorize the spiritual disciplines:

• Disciplines of alignment, which have to do almost completely with familiarity with and obedience to Scripture—reading, hearing, meditating on, studying, and memorizing Scripture

• Disciplines of attachment, which include positive actions that orientate us to the love of God—worship, thanks, and supplication

• Disciplines of detachment, which draw us away from the world, the flesh, and Satan—silence, solitude, and sacrifice

• Disciplines of engagement, which help us rightly live in the world—serving our families, churches, and societies

The habits involved in the items above prevent structural damage to our lives and help us withstand the enemy’s attempts to move us off the Rock, that is Jesus, our sure foundation. Keep Him your soul’s sole passion in life. From passion flows everything else.

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