Jesus: Your Soul’s Sole Passion

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What do you love enough to die for? 

Passion addresses the biblical issue of where you have placed your heart, your love, your trust, and your sufficiency. You can determine a person’s passion by learning what he or she is willing to die for. What you are willing to die for is what you are also living for. It’s the passion of your life.

The intentional life that pursues a supreme purpose begins with passion. Passion is like the foundation of a home. Your foundation must be strong in order to build anything lasting. Where should Christians find their passion, their strong foundation? From the endower of new life, the exemplar of new conduct, the energizer of new motivations, the empowerer of new action—the Lord Jesus Christ.

The Bible clearly commends Jesus Christ, God’s only Son, as the foundation for an individual’s life. The Lord Jesus qualifies as the foundation by virtue of being God. All that God is, Jesus is. He was before all things. He created all things. The Bible says that not only is Jesus God, as the First Person (beginner) of reality, He is the First Person of present, ongoing reality—“in him all things hold together” (Col. 1:17)—the director and determiner of present reality.

How can Jesus become the bedrock of your life? If you have not embraced Jesus, you must immediately deal with the critical issue that separates you from God—sin.

Sin separates you from God. Therefore, God constructed a bridge to overcome the separation. The Lord Jesus, being fully God and fully human, spans the gap between God and you.

When you trust Jesus as the Savior of your life, you have grasped the first thing in finding life’s ultimate purpose. Christ becomes the new foundation in your life by repentance and faith (Hebrews 6:1).

Set your heart upon the Lord Jesus Christ. Be affected by Him. And then be willing to serve Him no matter the cost.