Jesus: Your Soul’s Sole Passion

Day 3 of 5 • This day’s reading


Once you have established your foundational passion of life—Jesus Christ—you can begin to build your life. When you build your life on Jesus, you necessarily build your life on His values. If the person of Jesus Christ is your foundation, the teaching of Christ provides the source and framework for your value system. Your value system will reflect your passion.

Jesus’ Sermon on the Mount included a section called the Beatitudes, and they are a controlling paradigm for life’s values. They furnish a framework for a life of good works in response to the groundwork of God’s salvific work in our lives. But they are much more than a set of ethical guidelines. If we follow them within the theological grid of the Lord Jesus Christ as our personal foundation of salvation, the Beatitudes will maintain compatibility between beliefs and behavior.

I encourage you to study the Beatitudes. As you read them, take notes on the following:

• What does Jesus say?

• So what does it mean to my life?

• Now what do I do in obedience?

Do your personal values reflect Jesus’ values? Jesus pronounces blessings on those who live by His values in contrast to the multitudes who are merely interested in what He has to propose rather than in living by His authority.

Are you giving authority to the Rock who saved you? By hearing His words and putting them into practice? Is He the passion of your life?