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DAY 4 OF 5

Always remember that our God is a God of multiplication, not division.

He doesn’t seek to take from us nor does He look to divide His people. Yet, when you look at the world, you will see division all around. John 10:10 states that the enemy comes to steal, kill, and destroy.

But Jesus desires to give us abundant life!

Abundant is defined as being “marked by great plenty.”

That sounds like increase to me!

Sometimes, we Christians easily put our trust in the “messenger” rather than the “giver.” Unknowingly still, we sometimes slowly put our faith on the instrument of provisions rather than on the Provider Himself!

When talking about increase, I cannot help but think of the story where Jesus used just five loaves and two fish, supplied by a boy to feed a multitude! The entire story is about increase, but I want to point out specifically the boy whose lunch was used as seed. All that this boy had on him was lunch, that’s it! A two-piece fish combo of sorts! But after he gave all that he had to Jesus, he went home with twelve leftover baskets! After a sea of people were fed!

That’s increase!

It all speaks to us about abundance: not the kind of abundance that comes from careful gathering and accounting, but the abundance of God’s provision. No one had brought food, but this boy gave up the “me” for the “we” and God blessed him because of it!

The promises of blessings are for those who are willing to take the leap of faith. God can sometimes challenge us with seemingly difficult things. He sometimes would tell us to give more out of the little that we have.

Most of my testings in giving have happened when I had meager resources.

But God takes our little and makes it much.



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About this Plan


In his latest plan, David Villa discusses the greatness of serving a God of increase. A God who wants to strengthen and benefit our lives in every avenue possible. We must decrease so that He may increase!

We would like to thank David Villa for providing this plan. For more information, please visit:

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