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Life gives and takes. There is addition and subtraction everywhere. Good things happen, bad things happen, it is a constant push-and-pull. Time spent on one task subtracts it from another task. All actions have reactions.

But God, however, does not adhere to this rule.

Our God is a God not of subtraction or division, but of addition. A God of multiplication. What we give to God, He multiplies! Increase and prosperity come from the Lord alone.

He alone is the one who makes us fruitful and blessed. He alone is the one who fills us with peace. HE ALONE is our provider and our caregiver, watching over us. Opening doors that need opening, and closing doors that need closing. He is not interested in decreasing, but in increasing the fulfillment within our lives.

The Bible records many men and women of honor, who were not only known for their trust and faith in God, but also for favor of wealth and prosperity given to them by God. People like Abraham, Job, and Isaac, who were faithful to God and received unimaginable blessings to them and their families because of it.

The Biblical word itself for increase is “auzano.” Auzano means to grow, to increase, to enlarge, and it often refers to the growth of that which is alive, naturally or spiritually.

Increase is God’s will for His people. He wants you to have peace and prosperity in abundance. He doesn’t want us to just get by. He is not a God who believes in surviving but instead believes in THRIVING.

We are not meant to stand by, we are here to take part! We aren’t here to just get by or to make small dreams for ourselves. God increases all who come into contact with Him. He wants great things for you, even more so than you do!

With the God of increase on our side, your cup is not only filled, but it overflows!

Day 2

About this Plan


In his latest plan, David Villa discusses the greatness of serving a God of increase. A God who wants to strengthen and benefit our lives in every avenue possible. We must decrease so that He may increase!

We would like to thank David Villa for providing this plan. For more information, please visit:

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