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DAY 3 OF 5

I have said before that life as a believer is filled with blessings, but requires certain things from us.

Things that can be difficult at times.

Followers of Christ have to have faith, and faith doesn’t always come easy. If faith was easy, then everyone would have it. No one would ever deal with uncertainty or doubt the path that God has placed for us. It takes extreme discipline and extreme willpower to follow the path of God when we would rather follow our own path.

It’s easy to be faithful when there is no opposition in your way. It’s when you are faced with resistance that faith suddenly becomes so difficult to find. It’s hard to hold onto your faith when nothing seems to be going your way, or when the path God sets for you contains more detours than you wanted to take.

This inner tug-of-war between our plans and the plans of God can lead many astray. We know that we should listen to His plans, but we have our own agenda to focus on. We have our own ideas of how we should be living and what we should be focusing on. We push and react with resistance to anything that detours us from what WE want to do.

It is time to decrease us, so that we may increase Him!

This internal battle can easily be answered with the final words of John the Baptist, who said, “He must increase, but I must decrease.”

Like John, we have to decrease our wants and our plans for the will of God. We have to do what is right for us by listening to the plans that He has made for us.

We have to decrease, so that we may one day INCREASE with His blessing!

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About this Plan


In his latest plan, David Villa discusses the greatness of serving a God of increase. A God who wants to strengthen and benefit our lives in every avenue possible. We must decrease so that He may increase!

We would like to thank David Villa for providing this plan. For more information, please visit:

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