God Comes Through In His Word

Praise the LORD that He is true to His word. Many individuals, myself included, change their minds and go back on their words at any given moment. For example, I’ll emphatically declare I’m not eating sweets for one month (not realizing that within that time frame is a loved one's birthday or a special occasion where appetizing assortments of cookies, cakes, brownies, pies and fro-yo will be served.) On the day of the special occasion, in the time frame in which I forcefully declared I would not eat sweets, I find myself DELIBERATELY delighting in the delectable desserts I vowed to steer clear from.

I’ll say what I won’t do and find myself doing it. I’ll say what I will do and won’t do what I said. Individuals change their minds frequently and it is of extreme importance to carefully consider our words. There are situations where changes occur and one goes contrary to their word, but Praise be to God our Heavenly Father whose Word forever stands and doesn’t change no matter the event, situation or circumstance.

God’s word is constant and final as it relates to Him:

Never abandoning you – Deuteronomy 31:6

Fulfilling your purpose - Psalm 138:8

Continuously protecting you – Psalm 125:2

Remaining steadfast in Love and Faithfulness to you – Psalm 86:15

Correcting and disciplining you – Hebrews 12:5-6

God’s words never change! Everything that God said he would do for you, to you and through you will be accomplished. It’s time to believe and receive God’s word and apply it to every situation we experience. God already laid out the promises and we must choose to receive and have total faith in Him despite what is going on around us.

Praise God that He will ALWAYS come through in His Word.