God Comes Through In His Word

We are created in God’s image and likeness. According to God we are wonderfully fashioned for the uniquely customized plan He has for our lives. Somewhere down the line instead of believing God’s word concerning how wonderfully He created us, children of covenant at sometime or another elected to entertain Satan’s lies regarding their image, abilities, roles, past, present and future by peering through a darkened distorted, disgusting, damaged lens that does not reflect the light and truth of Jesus Christ.

In the past I carried years of unnecessary insecurity. But when I started studying God’s Word, I recognized all of those “so called” insecurities were LIES from Satan. As soon as I received revelation and believed God’s words about me, I declared God’s word regarding my image, abilities, roles, past, present and future. I no longer allow anyone's words to supersede God's word about his plan for my life and neither should you!

As believers we can’t go by feelings or sight, we are to have faith in God and trust that His word is true in everything concerning us. When the lies of insecurity try to creep into my life, they are expelled with God’s word. When one begins declaring God’s word, the lies of Satan will be exposed. When you know God’s word concerning you the darts from the enemy will not prevail. It’s time to begin declaring what God says about you out loud now!

Be encouraged today and know that God Comes Through in His Word!