God Comes Through In His Word

Whenever God says He will do something, God WILL DO IT! God is faithful and truthful in all His words and ways. God is not like man who makes promises and either changes his mind or fails to keep them. God keeps every promise even for generations of those who love him and obey his commands because His Word stands forever.

Perhaps you’ve met someone who doesn’t follow through with anything they’ve declared or perhaps you’ve made promises to individuals that you failed to accomplish. This doesn’t necessarily mean that one is a bad person. It clearly shows a distinction in God’s divine faithfulness, trustworthiness and consistency regarding His promised, guaranteed word.

Keeping your word and fulfilling promises is very serious business. Before one responds or agrees to perform tasks, wisdom must be utilized.

Although we are human and sometimes miss the mark of our targeted aims, we should follow God’s example in fulfilling our words.

It is refreshing to know that God’s word is constant and true regarding His love, protection, guidance, power, forgiveness, wisdom, peace, joy, strength and salvation regarding every aspect of His children’s lives. Children of covenant are able to live confidently knowing that everything God declared about their life and personal situations are already taken care of because God comes through in fulfilling His Word!

Praise the LORD that all of God’s promises are Yes in Christ!

God Comes Through in His Word!