Dealing With Depression

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Are you okay?

Depression is a common emotional condition that can range from a day of feeling blue to prolonged discouragement to thoughts of suicide. In other words, there are oceans full of emotions that make up any form of depression.

Have you ever been depressed? How bad was it?

I’ll never forget my darkest days. I was twenty years old and playing hockey for the University of Ottawa. I was living my life vision. College hockey would lead me to the National Hockey League, fame and fortune, but then something hit me like a freight train: a severe depression. I was so depressed I contemplated taking my own life. I started to abuse drugs and alcohol, and my hopes for happiness were lost somewhere between Philosophy 101, Shakespeare, Nietzsche and humanistic psychology. 

Have you ever lost hope or direction? It’s terrible, isn’t it? 

As I look back on these dark days, I think about David’s insightful question, “Why, my soul, are you downcast? Why so disturbed within me? Put your hope in God, for I will yet praise Him, my Savior and my God.” (Psalms 43:5, NIV) David coaches himself in the second part of this verse, “hope in God”. Unfortunately, I didn’t have a faith in God, and I didn’t know how to coach myself. 

Are you okay? Has COVID-19 or the media gotten you depressed or discouraged? Have you lost your job, company or a loved one? I’m really sorry. Life is super hard on a lot of us, but today, I can share some really good news. This too will pass, and you will grow through this dark time. I’d like to encourage you to seek help, friends, counseling, prayer and seek the Spirit with your whole soul. Please don’t suffer in silence. 

God is sending you a lifeline with this email. He sent me help with Athletes in Action on our campus, my eldest brother and a hockey coach who must have been a Christian. 

Can we pray for you? Can we point you to resources that can help? Can we find you some pastors or good counselors in your area? 

You are not alone. We love you. Because even miracles struggle sometimes. 

Paul Marc Goulet

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