As a boy, there was nothing better than waking up on a Saturday morning and running into the kitchen to find the largest mixing bowl you could find and filling it to the brim with one of those super sugary yet super yummy breakfast cereals. You know the one with the Captain or the colorful toucan bird on the front of its box. Then you would plop down in front of the TV set and get lost in hours of Saturday morning cartoons, it was almost a ritual.

As you pick up the bowl and slurped down the sweetened milk you hear the cartoon say "stayed tuned kids, we'll be right back" as they went to a commercial break. As you sat there on the carpet with a milk mustache, a commercial for the latest and greatest new toy pops up on the screen as the announcer begins enticing you as he describes it in great detail with this almost eerie excitement in his voice that makes you think I need this in my life, and I  must ACT NOW and do whatever I need to do in order to get it. The TV announcer propelled us into a place of urgency to do what it took to get that new toy. We, however, are no longer boys, but we are men.

As grown men, perhaps we have lost that sense of urgency and have deafened our ears to the call for action to be godly men. 

Let this then be our WAKE UP CALL to ACT NOW as the men God needs and wants us to be, the men that our country needs and wants us to be, the men our church needs and wants us to be, the men our families needs and wants us to be and finally the men we need and want to be.  

It will not be easy, and it will take everything you have, there will be an Enemy that is seeking to end us and landmines along the way that he wants us to step on and destroy us with; so we must BE ON GUARD. There will be opportunities to give up and give in and surrender, DO NOT my brothers STAND FIRM IN THE FAITH. 

There are too many grown men that are still boys on the inside making childlike choices NOT YOU, you man up and ACT LIKE A MAN. 

When you feel weak and tired because you will and do not want to press on, PRESS ON anyway and lift your head to heaven from where your strength comes from and BE STRONG in the Lord and the power of his might, put on the full armor of God and GO TO WAR.  

We will win this war, and we will overcome when we let all that we do be DONE IN LOVE. Now is the time brothers rise up and march and act like men, not any ordinary men but as MEN OF GOD!


1:  What area in your life do need a sense of urgency for?

2:  Where do you feel weak and defeated in your life?

3:   What is the one next action step you need to take in

order to act like a man of God?

We hope this plan encouraged you!

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