When I was a boy...that statement alone triggers and elicits a whole gamut of thoughts and emotions from our childhood. Perhaps some good memories surface, perhaps some not so good. Nevertheless, we all ponder the past from time to time when we were merely boys being shaped into manhood. We recall the people, places, and things that molded us into the men we are today. 

As a Cognitive Behavioral Coach, I am constantly researching the connection between our thoughts and our behaviors. In my research, I discovered a powerful strategy found in nostalgia. People sometimes experience an emotional state known as ‘nostalgia,’ which involves experiencing predominantly positive thoughts or emotions while remembering an autobiographical event or thing. Nostalgia is thought to play an important part in psychological resilience. Perhaps there may be a neurological connection to the nostalgia that can lead us to be more resilient men of God. 

As a Pastoral Counselor, I am constantly seeking the Lord for ways to help the men I work with to become more like Christ and rise up and become the men God has called, designed, and destined them to be. 

In this devotional, we will recall some nostalgic boyhood toys from our childhood, all the while, pulling some theological truths from Scripture that will hopefully sharpen us and mold us to be more of the man of God we are called to be and less of the boys we were.  Let us head down memory lane as we also head in the direction we were destined to go.  

We will consider the 5 markers of manhood that the Bible lays out for us, Be on Guard, Stand Firm in the Faith, Be Strong, Act Like Men and Do All In Love. 

Now is the time for us to rise up and not act like boys no longer but men!


1:  What was your favorite boyhood toy growing up?

2:  How can remembering the past, propel us into the future?

3:  Which of the 5 markers of manhood stands out to you?