"I HAVE THE POWER!" would be the potent proclamation of one' Prince Adam of Eternia as he forged his seemingly cumbersome sword towards the sky, and it would make contact with an intense bolt of lightning delivered from Castle Grayskull. He would then commence transforming from a polite prince into his alter-ego and true identity as He-Man "Master of the Universe," an extremely muscle-bound mighty warrior. He then would point his sword at his cowardly ol' kitty and shoot a bolt of lightning at him, and he would transform from Cringer to the mighty "Battle Cat," and they would ride off together to fight with the other masters of the universe in epic battles against Skeletor and his diabolical crew. 

Now He-Man was one "action figure" I did have the privilege of owning that my older brother did not. However, the whole collection of toys was quite large, and I lacked quite a few items. My best friend in elementary school did have the complete collection, all the heroes, all the villains, and most accessories. I remember one day going to his house to play "He-Man," and I brought the one He-Man figure I had in my lunch box that day, and after school, I went to his house to play. As he brought out his whole collection, I thought this would be fun, and it was for a while until this little voice crept into my head and heart and said, take Battle Cat, he will never know it was missing, and so I did! That night I couldn't sleep. I was feeling guilty for "borrowing" Battle Cat. 

So the next day, I asked if we could play again, he said "sure." So once at his house, I knew it was time to own up to me taking his toy; I remember my heart beating, and I began to sweat a little, I was going to "chicken out" until I heard another voice telling me, "Be Strong" and do the right thing, so I did; I gave Battle Cat-back to my friend. He was mad for a while, but he got over it, and we kept on playing He-Man. 

There will be times in every man's life he has to be strong and do the right thing, no matter if it is a fun thing or the popular thing to do. God's word is full of the "right things" we are called to do. The Spirit of the Living God gives us the power to choose the right choice. To be a strong man is to be a decisive man to know which battles are worth fighting and which are not and to stand our ground against the evil forces both within and without in the world. 

We will often feel weak and not want to make the Godly choice and we will surrender. 

We must remember we can do ALL things through Christ who strengthens us, and we yield the most powerful sword in the universe, the Word of God, which when proclaimed can help us win every victory.


1:  Why do men pursue a sense of power?

2:  What areas in your heart are you weak in?

3:  What is the one "right thing" you need to do?