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Bible Explorer for the Young (Isaiah - Part 1)Sample

Bible Explorer for the Young (Isaiah - Part 1)

DAY 1 OF 13

A True Worshipper

Isaiah 1:16

"Wash yourselves and make yourselves clean. Stop doing the evil things I see you do. Stop doing wrong!"

The book of Isaiah is written by the Prophet Isaiah and he was a prophet of Jerusalem during the reign of King Uzziah, Jotham, Ahaz, and Hezekiah. One day, God came to him and showed him  what would happen to Judah and Jerusalem.

During his time, people still worshipped God, regularly gave sacrifices and offerings and prayed to God. However, God was displeased with them because their hearts were far away from God. Their daily lives were full of sins and hypocrisy.

Worship is not only about singing. It is more about your lifestyle. A true worshipper goes through each day living with a Christ-like spirit. Every word and action should reflect God’s love and honour Him. 

So, if you worship and pray to God but your lifestyle is against God’s ways, God is not pleased with it. Be a true worshipper. Worship God from the deepest part of your heart and live your daily life that honours Him.


Dear God, I want to be a true worshipper where my heart is near to You and my words and actions in my daily life honour You. Amen. 


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Bible Explorer for the Young (Isaiah - Part 1)

This plan will guide young readers through the Bible daily. A new understanding will be revealed through the concise and child-friendly devotional. Children will understand that every part of the Bible is meaningful and ...


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