Survival Gear for Dads

Survival Gear for Dads

DAY 7 OF 7

Day 7 

Tool 7: Make Disciples

The godly dad makes disciples. There are two places where you should be discipling others. 

#1: IN your home. Start by teaching what you know to those closest to you. Your wife and kids. Talk about the things God is showing you. 

#2. OUTSIDE your home. Start with attending a small group at your church. Get involved. Pick a group you can do life with and walk alongside them. 

Dads often get this backward. We become experts at discipling “those other” people. Yet, at home, we’re unintentional and disengaged. 

Discipling our families often means telling important stories. Stories can be powerful discipleship tools. Sharing stories about life’s ups, downs, twists, and turns can help us drive impactful lessons into the hearts of our children.

Tell your kids about a time when God saved you from

  • making a destructive decision

  • blessed you at work

  • opened a door of opportunity for you

  • revealed a big truth to you. 

These stories may have happened 50 years ago or this morning. Point is, part of making disciples is sharing how God’s worked in your life. Are you telling your family these stories?

Remember the words of Deuteronomy 6:6-7, “And these words that I command you today shall be on your heart. You shall teach them diligently to your children…”

Point your family to God. Do it with your actions—and your words. Are you making disciples in your home right now? 

Now that you know the tools that matter most, it’s time to move. 

You may be a new dad, or a new Christian, just trying to figure things out. Or, maybe you're a grizzled veteran who’s ready to lead others. No matter where you are now, you can grow as a godly father. We want to help. So,we created a four-stage quick reference guide for dads. Glance at the four godly dad stages. They’ll give you some sense of where you stand. 

The four stages of a godly dad: 

STAGE 1: NEW TRAVELER > I’m just embarking as a dad and want to head in the right direction. 

STAGE 2: CAPABLE NAVIGATOR > I’m navigating fatherhood’s challenges, but want to be more skilled. 

STAGE 3: ROAD WARRIOR > I’ve learned my way around and looking to master the habits of fatherhood. 

STAGE 4: TOUR GUIDE > I’m discipling my own kids and helping other fathers find their footing. 

Now you're figuring out where you are and where you're going. This reading plan has helped you see some of the tools you'll need. Want to take one more powerful step? Take the Godly Father Assessment. It’s a quick quiz based on the seven (7) Tools and four (4) Stages you just read about. It’ll tell you exactly where you are right now and give you steps to make meaningful progress. 

Where are you on your journey? Wherever you are, we’ll be right here to help.

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Survival Gear for Dads

Being a godly father is an exhausting, challenging, thrilling, dangerous, confusing, and rewarding endeavor. It’s both a place you are and a journey you’re on. It’s a destination you arrive at and a process of becoming. ...

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