Survival Gear for Dads

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Day 6 

Tool 6: Steward Resources

Watching an episode of Shark Tank, one of the business mogul’s said, “The most important thing in this world – is money.” Let that sink in. The mogul's words make for entertaining television. But, that's a lousy lesson to teach our kids. Are we teaching our kids this unintentionally?

The world respects this idea. The ultimate goal is to get MORE. Hopefully, that isn’t how you view your resources. Time, money, resources—they aren’t the most important things. And, biblically speaking, and they’re not even yours. 

The godly dad understands everything he has is not his own. His money, time, family, possessions, influence. These are all gifts that must be stewarded well. 

A steward stewards things. If you have access to the following items, you’re incredibly wealthy compared to most people: 

• clean water 

• clothes 

• a roof 

• transportation 

• one book 

Since you’re reading this plan right now, you’re among the world’s better off. Therefore, since you’ve been given so much, how are you stewarding those resources? 

A few words come to mind when it comes to time, money, and resources. 

GIVE: You're committed to giving faithfully and sacrificially

PLAN: You manage your time and budget with purpose.

TEACH: You help your kids know they're stewards, not owners.

Matthew 6:21 says, “For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also.” 

Remember, when it comes to resources, nothing is yours. It’s all God’s. Are you a giver or a taker? An owner or a steward?