Diets Don't Work - This Does!

Day 1 of 5 • This day’s reading


Let me tell you a secret…Diets don’t work! 

How many times have you tried to lose weight or get in shape only to give up before reaching your goal? In a world where weight is seen as a sign of success; it is hard to change our thinking when we feel we fall short of these beauty standards.  But there is good news!! I can help you change this pattern! With a little guidance, I can help you change the way you think about fitness. You will start to feel good and look good! Sound interesting? Keep reading…

Here’s another secret… I know what does work! It is time to put traditional weight loss images aside and change the way we think about “diets”.  You need to put the tireless desire to lose weight aside and instead focus on God’s word and what he says about you. The Bible tells us God’s love is unconditional, unending, and unmistakable. You are beloved!

Once you learn how to change any negative thinking about yourself and turn to and believe what God says about you; only then will lasting changes be made… not only in your soul but in your physical body as well.  Do not look to the past or your failures. Instead, set your eyes on the future and know you can change your thoughts and your attitude with God.  Listen to Crowder’s song, “Come As You Are”. The lyrics feel like an invitation to throw the past aside and to experience something bigger and grander. Just what you need to make lasting changes.

Over the next few days, you will discover the ABCs of fitness and explore how the Bible can change your thinking about diets and your health. It is time to change the focus from denying yourself your favorite food to turning your focus inward on your soul and to be excited about doing something good for your body while having fun. You can do this!!

Things to do:

1.  Write down the lie(s) that you are believing about yourself and what truth from God you need to cover that lie with.

2. Decide… do you want to lose weight? Do you want to get healthy? Or do you want to do both?

3. Why are you doing this devotional? Dig deep to decide what your heart is really longing for?

4.  Listen to “Come As You Are”