Reality Check Kids


The book of Colossians is one of the letters that Paul wrote to the church. Let’s rewind a little – Paul was a man we read of in the Bible. He was a missionary – someone who made it his mission in life to tell people about God’s Story and the Good News about Jesus. Paul was so passionate about the mission that he made many people angry, and they threw him in jail for talking about Jesus so much. As you can remember there were no phones and no internet in the Bible, so while Paul was in jail, he had to write letters to the church if he wanted to preach to them.

In this letter, Paul tells the people of Colossae how happy he is to hear about them. The rumors about them were that they had GREAT FAITH and LOVE for one another. The Colossians lived in a world with a lot of pressures. Not all people believed in Jesus; people were trying to be clever and make their own plans. They did not all live lives that honored God. They did not all share what they had to show love to people around them. But the church in Colossae, the people that Paul is writing to, made a decision to choose Jesus. They believed that God loved us so much and that He wanted us to love Him. They believed that Jesus died for our sins so that we could be close to God. They believed that a life forever with God in heaven is what really mattered and not being clever or popular amongst people or having lots of possessions.

Today is OneDay. Have you made that decision yet? Did you say, “Oh one day when I am big, I will follow Jesus…” Let today be One Day. Thank Jesus today that He died for your sins so that you can be close to God and love him forever. Choose today to live for God, to have GREAT FAITH and LOVE PEOPLE.

Pray this prayer with your parents:

Jesus, I believe that God loves me with never-ending love and that He wants to be close to me. Thank you that Jesus died for my sins so that I can have a relationship with God. Please help me to live in a way that others see that I love you.