Creating Compassionate Families

Day 6 of 6 • This day’s reading


Changed World/Changed Life

Big Idea: Explore how your family can learn about and pray for children around the world.

Changing the world starts with your family! For six days, you have worked at creating a more compassionate family. We hope that the idea of changing the world — one person at a time — feels possible, and exciting.

Today, we want to take that idea global! God calls us to take His hope-message to the ends of the world.

Where in the World?

Choose a country to learn about as a family.

  • What part of the world is interesting to you?
  • Do you know someone who lives in a country far away?
  • What kinds of foods do you think they eat that might be different from what we eat? Do you think they wear the same kinds of shoes we do?
  • How could we learn how to pray for people in that country?

Explore the World at the Dinner Table


  • Music from another country
  • Photos and a picture of the national flag from a country that interests you
  • Poster board or paper
  • Markers


  1. Play music from the country your family has chosen. How does this music sound compared to what we normally listen to? What’s similar? How is it different?
  2. Share pictures of the country you chose. What did you see in the pictures that we have here? Are there people or clothes or toys in the picture that look unusual?
  3. Talk with your kids about how God sees our similarities and differences. A starting point may be: Even though we may look different or like different music, God loves each one of us. God asks us to show His love to people who look like us and to people who do not.
  4. Make a flag with your poster board to represent that country. On the flag, write what God loves about children in that country and about kids everywhere.
  5. Pray for children in the country you chose — for safety, protection, friends and shelter.
  6. Place your flag somewhere prominent, and continue to pray!