Creating Compassionate Families

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Being a Blessing

Big Idea: God has a purpose for our family, and that includes blessing others.

Look around you. As you move from home to work to school and back again, it's easy to miss ways we can do good for others. Spend this day looking for simple, practical ways to bless others.

Pass-It-On Game

Let’s get the conversation started about how God blesses us and how we can bless others. Here’s a quick car game to enjoy with your kids on the way to or from school or weekly activities.

  • Describe one good gift God gave when He made you and one good gift God made in someone else. Go around the car until everyone’s had a turn.
  • Ask: What part of that gift is for you to keep and what part is to share?
  • If you know a child who lives in poverty, ask your kids, “What is one good gift that (child's name) has?"

Create a Blessing Bag


  • A gallon-size freezer bag
  • Blessing items


  1. As a family, think of someone you know who could use a blessing. The sky’s the limit! It could be a sick grandparent, a classmate, a neighbor or a homeless person your child has noticed. If your family sponsors a child who lives in poverty, you can make a blessing package to send to your sponsored child. Be sure you check with the organization through which you sponsor to see if there are guidelines for what you can mail.
  2. Make a list of simple items that could be a blessing to that person. Let your child do what she does best … so if you have a talented artist, encourage her to make a drawing or card. If your child likes to cook, maybe he could help bake some cookies.
  3. Gather the items your family listed and put them in a bag (something as simple as a large freezer bag). Plan when you can deliver your “Blessing Bag,” and pray as a family for the person you are seeking to bless.
  4. After you deliver your package, talk about Ephesians 2:10. How did God prepare your family to be a blessing?