Creating Compassionate Families

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When Calling Meets Passion

Big Idea: Taking small steps to make big changes in the world!

Is it really possible for us to change the world? The idea seems so big. How can we encourage our children to be world changers without setting them up for disappointment?

The key is the ripple effect. If your family helps one person, then that person helps another person, and on and on … well, the possibilities are endless!

Spend time identifying ways you can “speak up” for people in your lives — from classmates to neighbors to children who live in poverty. These small acts of kindness will take only a few minutes, but can literally change the world — your world.

As you stand up for others you know, it’s possible that you’ll find ways to stand up for those you may not yet know, but who really need your help.

Being World Changers

How can you help your children understand that they can change the world … in real, tangible ways? Not someday when they’re grown up, but today? Use this video and the following conversation starters to help your children understand what it means to change the world, one person at a time.

  • What do you think it means to “speak up for those who can’t speak for themselves”? Are there people in your life who can’t speak for themselves?
  • Has there ever been a time when you didn’t feel like you could speak for yourself?
  • Did it surprise you that someone as young as a teenager could make such a big difference?

Ripples of Change


  • Paper
  • Markers


  1. Talk as a family about someone in your life who you can help. Make it simple … sitting with someone at school who feels lonely, taking dinner to a neighbor, etc.
  2. Write that person’s name in a small circle on your paper.
  3. Discuss who that person could help. Whose life could they change? Maybe a brother or sister. Or their children.
  4. Keep it going. For example, your family wants to help Mary. Mary can help her parents. Her parents can help their neighbors. And on and on. See how many circles, or “ripples,” your family can make!
  5. Post your “Ripples of Change” drawing somewhere you can see it daily, and encourage your children to pray for those whose names you’ve written in the circles.