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Eyes on Jesus

DAY 8 OF 14

I used to play basketball regularly. In pickup games you would referee your own games, and you would call out when you got fouled. There’s always that one player who calls a foul when he gets slightly tapped, and yet he is very defensive when he gets a blatant foul called against him! This situation alone caused more arguments and fights on the court than any other situation.

We are very defensive as Christians, often thinking that nothing is wrong with us, but "oh let me tell you what so and so is doing wrong!" This is gossip, and it is uncalled for in the body of Christ. Jesus made this truly clear when He preached to worry about the log in your own eye before looking at the speck in your brother's.

The answer as to why we don’t want to self-reflect is simple—we don’t want to uncover what we find, and we definitely don’t want to change. Have you had the boss who tells you to do something but won’t do the same thing being asked of you? It’s frustrating. We must realize that we are an example to those in our sphere of influence. Our co-workers, children, spouse, unbelievers, and Christians are all watching our life which is supposed to be a testimony that points others to Jesus. 

Paul is referring to communion in 1 Corinthians 11:31. But discernment starts not just with decisions we make but with internal reflection. If we work on what is going on inside and get our heart and mind right, then the decisions we end up making will flow from a place of truth in our identity in Christ.

Reflect: How have you been defensive when someone brought truth to you? How can you incorporate a time of self-reflection in your quiet time with God? Who can speak truth and wisdom in your life that you can rely on?

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About this Plan

Eyes on Jesus

A discernment devotional designed around keeping your eyes on Jesus at all times! Grow in discernment and make better decisions that honor God when you keep Jesus as your focus.

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