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Eyes on Jesus

DAY 12 OF 14

Have you ever had a tiny rock in your shoe? It is very annoying and even painful, but if you are like me, there are times you leave it in your shoe. Why do we do that? Well, it takes effort to remove the shoe and sock, find the pebble, when we can just “put up with it” even though it is uncomfortable. Logically this makes no sense; just take 30 seconds, find the rock, and continue walking pain and stress free!

In the moment of an annoyance or frustration, it is sometimes easier to choose the lazy option instead of the option that will bring lasting peace. Lazy is easy. Paul tells the church at Ephesus to make the most of every opportunity. This means that at every opportunity we have for a decision we need to rely on God’s discernment in our life to choose the best option.  Like the pebble, why would we keep sin lingering around when we can just get rid of it, why do we hold the pebble so close when it is an annoyance and keeps us from walking in fullness? 

We are not guaranteed a long life; in fact we are not guaranteed tomorrow. We have to make the most out of every day, every decision, and every chance at discernment because many times there are not second chances in major decisions we make. 

How can we know the Lord’s will? Well, the Bible says we can. This takes discernment as well through the reading of the Word and the revelation of the Holy Spirit. We know God’s will for humanity, but we can also know His will specifically for our life. We have general revelation in the Bible as a foundation for our discernment, and the Holy Spirit can provide specific revelation to us as He sees fit. 

Reflect: What figurative pebble (annoyance or hindrance) do I need to remove from my life that I have been too lazy to remove? Pray about it and ask God for discernment on your next steps.

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Eyes on Jesus

A discernment devotional designed around keeping your eyes on Jesus at all times! Grow in discernment and make better decisions that honor God when you keep Jesus as your focus.

We would like to thank Discerning Dad for providing this plan. For more information, please visit:

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