Eyes on Jesus


I remember breaking up with my first real girlfriend, or I should say my first girlfriend breaking up with me. I did not take it very well as I’m sure most teens don’t. I felt some sort of personal challenge to prove to her that I was “the one.” I’m sure I was overtly annoying even though I was subtly trying to continue to stay relevant to her life as a friend who still wanted to be more. 

It wasn’t until her Dad took me out to lunch one day that I got the full picture. Here I am thinking that this lunch would be a way to prove my love for his daughter, when in reality he proved to me that I didn’t know what in the world I was doing. He calmly shared wisdom with me in his dating life before marriage and how things worked out with his wife over time. He explained to me how it’s important to leave things in God’s timing and plan, and that if God wanted me to be with his daughter, it would work out, but for now leave her alone (my summarizing). 

I always respected the approach this Godly man took with me where he had the right as a protective father to “run me off” from his daughter’s life, but this wise advice was the wakeup call I needed to keep things in perspective apart from my immediate plans. 

God is patient and, in His omnipotence, He sees things from an eternal perspective—a way that we can never see things. God asks us to trust Him and believe even when we do not see. Discernment comes from the wisdom of those around us who have a deep relationship with Jesus, who have been down the path we are going and can encourage us or steer us to a better way. But it requires us to listen to this advice and take action. 

Imagine the results of David lusting after Bathsheba if he asked the prophet Nathan for his advice ahead of time! Therein lies the reason why we often fail to seek advice; we are afraid of the ramifications it might have in our life and in our comfort zone. We would rather “figure it out” than rely on the wisdom of the people God has placed in our lives.

Reflect: Who can you ask for advice and mentorship in your life? What specifically may you need to reach out for wisdom to someone today?