Parenting Techniques

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In Genesis the first chapter, the Lord God brings order to His creation and dispels chaos. Likewise, when we operate our homes in an organized manner, our lives run more efficiently. Children need structure and consistency. Having a specific time for them to get up in the morning, eat their meals,  attend school, and go to bed will cause them to thrive. Developing a routine takes patience and continuity on your part. However, once it is established you will reap the benefits.

Parenting can be overwhelming. Allow the children to assist with age-appropriate chores. Their help will lighten your workload and enable you to designate time for yourself during the day. Incorporating the children in your housekeeping, if no more than picking up their toys or removing their plates from the table, will prepare them for responsibility and begin to take care of themselves.

If you struggle with being organized, ask God to help you to develop the discipline you need to honor Him in that area of your life.

QUESTION:   How can you become better organized and operate more efficiently?