Parenting Techniques

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Children come into the world as a blank slate with genetic propensities. We introduce them to society through our family structure and interaction. We are their model of Godly behavior. They communicate the way we do. If our speech is harsh and unsavory, our children repeat what they hear. If we express our anger through violence, they will also. We shape the lives of our children.

Conversely, when children see  our acts of kindness, respect, and love, they reflect the same behavior when interacting with others. It is incumbent upon us to live a Godly life that they can emulate.  Children follow what we do, more than what we say.

There are no guarantees in life. We can do everything in the best way and our children may disappoint us. However, the Father has promised if we teach our children His statutes, even though they may choose a different path, at some point, they will return to Him. 

QUESTION: How is your example shaping the life of your children? 

PRAYER: Heavenly Father, may I be the example my children need to become healthy adults who will honor you and bless the lives of others.