Good Grief I’m Healed: Hurt in the World, Healed by the Word

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Trust in His Peace ~ Overflow with Hope 

Peace in the storms of life, joy in the chaos around us, treasures found in trauma, goodness formed out of grief and revelation wisdom received in the middle of turmoil are all gifts from above that we often overlook. They are supernatural keys given by the Holy Spirit that unlock the doors of our anxious minds to abide in His gentle presence and faithful promises as He ministers healing and hope to our minds.

Jesus said, “I am leaving you with a gift—peace of mind and heart. And the peace I give is a gift the world cannot give. So don’t be troubled or afraid.” John 14:27 NLT 

As we carry the Holy Spirit in our hearts, He sustains us and gives us peace—even in our anxious and sometimes fearful minds.

The peace that comes from God is the peace we all long for, but many do not know how to find it. To those who trust this peace, it becomes a place of abiding rest. It is comfortable and often taken for granted. When in a moment of crisis, we realize this peace that passes all understanding truly does guard the heart and mind of all who are in Christ Jesus. He spoke peace and the storm became still. He still calms the storms as we release His peace all around us but we must remain in His presence to remain in His peace. 

In the book, “Good Grief I'm Healed,” I share stories of how I was hurt in the world through layers of a lifetime of trauma. I also reveal how the Word of God, providing peace to my troubled mind, has healed me. I’ve received deep inner healing and deliverance from fear, anxiety, trauma, panic attacks and grief. I admit how I was healed from mental breakdowns that came as a result of roots of false belief, unforgiveness and buried grief. 

What is the remedy for victory over worry, fear, panic, anxiety and depression? I believe the cure is to be found in the “peaceful, quiet rest of God.” Once you enter His rest and choose to abide in it, He will provide the rest of what you need to be delivered from the cares you once carried. His presence carries the fullness of God in it. It activates all Jesus paid for to provide salvation, freedom, healing and hope for your restless heart, soul and mind, and for mine too.

Let's unite in the loving peace of God and journey together to healing. The Lord has filled me with joy and peace because I trust in Him and I am bursting with hope out of the overflow. I invite you to jump into this flow of hope with me, because it is for you, too.