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 Deliverance from Double-mindedness

James uses the word 'double-minded' to describe someone who is divided by his interests or loyalties—wavering, uncertain, two-faced, half-hearted.

Unconsciously, many of us are double-minded when it comes to reaching our health goals. Here's why:

  • We want to kick the sugar habit but we don't want to feel deprived.

  • We want to eliminate sugar from our lives but we don't want to take the time to plan and prepare.

  • We want to release weight but are afraid that we will be judged by others for being vain.

  • We want to release weight but fear the work it will take to maintain it.

  • We want to release weight but don't want to give up our current lifestyle.

  • We want to release weight but we fear the additional responsibility that may come with the 'new us.'

Regardless of what your reason is, one thing's for sure; if your mind is not clear on your goal, you will not receive it. It's called cognitive dissonance, and it explains the anxiety that arises when you hold two conflicting thoughts in your mind at the same time, as in all the examples above.

This anxiety and tension are what will keep us from our goals. Why? God has given us a sound mind—one that is orderly and not confused. Once you're resolute in what you want, God will be with you but you have to decide what you really want first. Ask the Holy Spirit to help you address the fears that are arising. This cognitive dissonance is one of the factors that will keep us taking one step forward and two steps back.

The solution is to get unapologetically clear about what you want after spending time with the Lord. Get it out of our mind and written down on paper where you can see it. Yes, fears will come as you move towards your goal. Don't let them stop you; don't let them change your mind or cause you to waiver. Move confidently towards your goal knowing that when you do, God will go before you and clear the path for your success (Deuteronomy 31:8).


Step 1 - PAUSE. Think about what you really want to look like without censoring your thoughts. If you were not afraid of judgment, failure, or deprivation. How would that change your goal? Notice your double-mindedness and identify the root of it. Take a few minutes and journal your thoughts.

Step 2 - PRAY. Review the scripture above.  Can you apply it to your double-mindedness as it relates to consuming sugar? Do you need to select a new Scripture?

Step 3 - ACTIVE PRACTICE.  Perform an active movement to help you retrain your brain to think positive healthy thoughts. ie. put your hand over your heart or lift your hands up to God.

Worship and Prayer

"Dear Father. In Jesus' sweet name, I come to you this morning in all of my humanness. I thank you for loving me exactly this way, in this state, on this day. I can actually feel your love when you hug me and I love you! I confess to you, Lord, that sometimes my loyalties are divided. My focus is split, distractions come along, and my attention gets diverted from the goal. And sometimes, my goal is something I've created and left you out of entirely. Please forgive me. This morning, reveal to me a clear vision of what you want for my life and help me set my mind and keep it set on that goal. Keep teaching me, Lord, not to waiver with the fears that come up as I approach it, but to stay steady, trusting in your power and goodness. Deliver me from the double-mindedness that causes me so much anxiety. I want to feel the peaceful ease in my mind and body that comes as a result of the alignment of my thoughts with your will! Thank you for blessing me with a sound mind; please help me use it to stay laser-focused on the one thing that really matters—you! I declare today that I have the mind of Christ! In Jesus' name. Amen."