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One Bite is Too Much

I read a joke or maybe someone told me it, I can't remember. Anyway, it said, "I'm allergic to sugar—it makes me break out in fat." This made me chuckle at first but then I thought about it. It's actually not funny at all—it's true. It would be so much easier if we were allergic to some of the foods that trigger us. It would be a no brainer. We would not eat them because doing so could result in serious illness or even death! Intellectually, we should treat some foods like a deadly allergy because that's what they are. Granted, the effect is not immediate like we would go into anaphylactic shock and die, but statistics prove there are many deaths associated with unhealthy eating habits.

In her book, Taste for Truth, by Barb Ravelling, she recognizes that we need to set hard boundaries with some foods. No one would ever tell an alcoholic that it's okay to drink on the weekends or to break their boundaries because of birthdays, special occasions, and vacations, yet we seem to always be making special allowances for these exceptional circumstances. Truth is, these exceptional circumstances are more the rule than the exception.

Romans 13:14 says to make NO provisions for the flesh. Not some provisions, not occasional provisions, but NO provisions—period. This hardline can only be practiced when we clothe ourselves in the Lord by spending time in the Word, renewing our mind, and obeying his Word.

It's time for us to get over the lie that 'one bite won't hurt'. It's time to stop telling ourselves that 'we deserve it.' One bite will hurt, and what you deserve is to be in excellent health that glorifies God.

If you've been struggling with sugar or your weight for most of your life, then you can't continue to make provisions for your flesh. You will lose every time. If you're already thinking of all the foods you will enjoy after this detox is over, recognize that you're not ready to enjoy these foods. As you remain vigilant, you will be victorious but it may not look like what you think. Your promised land may never include trigger foods, like pasta and pizza—just like an alcoholic's promised land may never include alcohol. This may feel unjust to you. Take your frustration to God and allow him to give you peace in this area of your life.

In the meantime, recognize that one bite is too much and a thousand will never be enough. We must continue to seek satisfaction in Christ alone.


Step 1 - PAUSE.  In the past, what happened when you had just one bite or one taste of a 'trigger' food? Capture your thoughts.

Step 2 - PRAY.  What toxic thoughts spring up when you think about your favorite food that you used to overindulge in? Use Scripture to replace your negative thoughts about enjoying just one bite or returning to certain foods after the program is over.

Step 3 - ACTIVE PRACTICE.  Perform an active movement to help you retrain your brain to think positive healthy thoughts. ie. put your hand over your heart or lift your hands up to God.


"Dear Lord, I thank you that your love is the only thing that will truly satisfy me. I come to you, exposing my emptiness. This is a place that's deep inside me and it feels bottomless and insatiable. I confess to trying really hard to find something that will fill the void, Lord. I've attempted to find satisfaction for that place in many different people, places, and things; and in tastes, textures, and volumes, but it doesn't matter what I try, I'm still left empty, incomplete, and hungry. These counterfeits do provide a temporary fix and work as a band-aid, giving me short-lived relief. But, in all my efforts, all I've ultimately found is frustration, pain, and more problems. Lord, I confess that I've bought the lies that say I need some external thing to complete me. I've believed that I can satisfy the deep hunger of my soul through my mouth, and I'm so sorry for how this must hurt you. Lord, I'm shaking off the shackles and choosing to believe the truth that I am complete in YOU! I'm choosing to surrender to your Holy Spirit and declaring myself powerless over these substances and habits that are harmful to me and to our relationship. I'm calling on your mighty power to fight this battle for me! You satisfy my hunger! I am grateful that you put this craving for the infinite in me because you want me to relentlessly pursue you! Thank you, Lord, for making me yours! Fix my bodily hunger on the appropriate amounts of nourishing fuel and set my spiritual hunger on you! Help me to trust in you to satisfy me and to bring me into the promised land you have for me. In the Holy Name of Jesus. Amen."