Pray Powerfully, Lose Weight by Healthy by Design

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Prayer for the Journey


You're going to kick off this prayer challenge praying for the ability to set goals in line with God's best for you.

You've set so many goals for so many different things—especially your health over the years. That's why the thought of setting another one brings memories of failure and self-sabotage. So what will be different this time? 

Answer: a commitment to pray yourself through your journey. You will develop a prayer life that includes communing with God BEFORE you begin your journey, DURING the challenging times of your journey, and AFTER you achieve your goal. You will continue to pray so you can maintain your progress.

Every time you take another step in prayer, with the Lord as your strength, you are changing from the inside-out, although it may not feel like it.

Through prayer in agreement with God, you will set goals in partnership with your heavenly Father—not based on society's unrealistic expectations but on your desire to seek God's best for you.

In prayer, when you set your intention on getting healthier for God, you can't fail because you're trusting in God's strength, not your limited abilities.

In prayer, you will line up your desires with God's (Proverbs 3:5-6). As you commit this process to prayer, your perspective will change from setting goals focused on you to setting goals based on what God can do through you. His love for you will help you set goals that will transform your life and your weight loss. 


Pray for the ability to set goals in line with God's best for you.


"I commit to pursuing Godly goals. I ask the Holy Spirit to help me live in line with His perfect goals for my weight loss and life. I desire to bring You glory as I lose weight and become healthier. Please help me as I begin this journey, dear Lord! Thank You!"

"I must keep this body healthy and strong. God is calling me to serve in ministry, and I need to be healthy and strong. I want to serve my Lord Jesus wholeheartedly, and I must get healthy."

"Wonderful beginning! I feel I could write realistic goals for my weight loss that will be for my good and His glory!"


I walk in wisdom to set realistic goals that glorify You. I submit my goals and plans to You, and I trust You to show me the way. My goals align with my Heavenly Father's and are immersed in the Word of God. I declare that my goals will come to fruition. As I draw close to You, I am prosperous and victorious in the Name of Jesus.


"Dear Lord, I want to glorify You in my body because it is Your temple. I submit myself and my goals to You. When I am in alignment with Your will and purpose for my life, I will be successful! Lord, give me the courage to take steps every day towards fulfilling my health goals and becoming the person You created me to be. In Your glorious name, I pray. Amen!"


In what ways do you continually sabotage yourself when you set your goals? Take time to confess any goals that are not in line with the heart of God, as stated in Scripture.

"For I know the plans I have for you, declares the LORD, `plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future." Jeremiah 29:11

This devotional has been adapted from Cathy Morenzie's book, 'Healthy by Design: Pray Powerfully, Lose Weight.'