Daily Bible Reading–January 2021 God's Word of Life



Today we begin reading excerpts from Romans, a letter in which the apostle Paul provides a detailed summary of the Good News about Jesus Christ. Paul wrote this letter about 55-56 A.D. to introduce himself to the followers of Christ in Rome, who likely included new Gentile Christians as well as Jewish Christians. In today’s reading, Paul points out that he is an apostle called to preach the Good News. He offers a prayer of thanks for the Roman Christians and states his confidence in the gospel which is “God’s power to save all who believe.”

Today's Scripture Reading 

Romans 1:1-17

Today’s Key Verse: Romans 1:17b

As the scripture says, “The person who is put right with God through faith shall live.”


Reread verses 2-7. How does Paul describe the Good News? How does he describe what he is called to do? What does the “Good News” mean to you? According to Paul, what is the power of the gospel (verses 16-17)?


Holy God, I have complete confidence in the gospel, knowing that it is your power to save all who believe and that, through faith, I am put right with you. Thank you, Lord God, for your saving love. Amen.

Prayer Concern

Those who have not yet heard the Good News

Tomorrow’s Reading

Romans 2:1-16: God’s judgment is described.

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