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Pillar 1 - What You're Really Craving

It's not about good foods versus bad foods; high carb versus low carb; paleo versus keto. Yes, they all have their place, but even with the perfect diet you will still overeat and gain weight if you don't get to the root of why you continually break your eating boundaries.  Here are the main reasons: 

1. Uncontrolled or binge-eating is an emotional issue

It's not because you have an eating problem; it's not because you're lazy; it's not because you lack self-control; it's not because you need discipline. And, the last thing you need to do is to try to make yourself stop eating by going on another diet. As Jesus said, "Whoever comes to me shall not hunger, and whoever believes in me shall never thirst."

2. Emotional issues need spiritual healing

Understand that strongholds with eating are a spiritual issue that only God can fix. All physical hunger when taken in excess, such as overeating, unhealthy sexual behaviors, addictions, all result from our soul crying out to be satisfied; crying out for something more, something that only the love of God can fill.

3. Spiritual healing is an ongoing process and not a one-and-done event

Somewhere in our lives, we've come to believe in instant miracles. Maybe it's from the Bible stories we read as a kid or maybe it's because of all the TV commercials promising quick fixes.

Wherever these faulty beliefs came from, they are counter-productive to overcoming our strongholds like binge-eating. Accept this fact and stop looking for the perfect meal plan that only creates more anxiety in your body. You will learn what foods are right for your body, but what's most important is your uncompromising commitment to God. This will take time.

Action steps

Spend some time and assess whether you're still searching for the "right answers" that are going to "fix your eating habits. Have you accepted that this is more of an emotional battle that requires a spiritual solution?


1.  How are you still relying on the right meal plan to help you achieve your goal instead of fully submitting this journey to God? Are you willing to fully let go?

2.  What are some of your physical cravings and what do they tell you about what you're really craving?

3.  Study John 6:35. Why is Jesus called the bread of life?


"Dear Lord, I thank you that your love is the only thing that will truly satisfy me. I come to you this day, exposing my emptiness—admitting there is a hollow space in me. This is a place that's deep inside me and it feels bottomless and insatiable. I confess to trying really hard to find something that will fill the void. I've attempted to find satisfaction for that void in many different people, places, and things; and in tastes, textures, and volumes. But it doesn't matter what I try; I'm still left empty, incomplete, and hungry. In all my efforts, all I've ultimately found is frustration, pain, and more problems. I've believed that I can satisfy the deep hunger of my soul through my mouth, and I'm so sorry for how this must hurt you. Lord, today I'm shaking off the shackles and choosing to believe the truth that I am complete in YOU! I'm choosing to surrender to your Holy Spirit and declaring myself powerless over these substances and habits that are harmful to me and to our relationship. I'm calling on your mighty power to fight this battle for me! Fix my bodily hunger on the appropriate amounts of nourishing fuel and set my spiritual hunger on you! Help me to draw a hard line where it needs to be drawn, to trust in you to satisfy me and to bring me into the promised land you have especially for me. In the Holy Name of Jesus, I'm trusting you with whatever that looks like. Amen."

This devotional is adapted from Cathy Morenzie's book, 'Healthy by Design: Healthy Eating, God's Way.'