How Should Christians Choose Their Entertainment?

 How Should Christians Choose Their Entertainment?

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Entertainment and Our Relationship

What we spend our time on shows what relationships are important to us. We live in the world where technology has advanced dramatically. We have endless information at our fingertips. Has that had only positive effects on humanity? Not really. Continuous access to media and entertainment has negatively affected our human relationships. 

We end up being constantly stuck with our face toward the screen. We have lost the art of conversation. We have lost the desire to know others on a deeper level. We settle for superficial relationships. You can get to know others through a screen by texting and messaging, but such a relationship is very cursory in nature. It takes time and effort to sit down with someone to share a cup of coffee and have a conversation. In person you can have conversations that you would never be able to have via a text message. What about letter writing? It is a skill that has been lost by the current culture. We have lost communication mediums that are very rich in their blessings. 

As believers, we must make sure our entertainment choices do not destroy our relationships with our loved ones. We should put phones away when we have family dinners. We should dedicate time to family Bible studies and discussions on important life matters. We should have screen-off times in our days. Most importantly, we should have daily devotional time with the Lord. Technology and entertainment should enhance our lives. It should not, however, be allowed to dominate our time or our relationships with God and others. 

So, to decide on the appropriate entertainment or on the best use of technology, we have to keep the following truths in mind. We must prioritize our soul, our relationship with God, and our relationships with those who are important to us—our family and friends. In addition, we have to measure everything by the Word of God. To know if something is appropriate entertainment for us, we have to answer the following question: does this please the Lord? This will help us to find our way in the matters of life that are subject to personal judgement. In this way, we can live freely with good conscience, enjoy ourselves, and still glorify the Lord. 

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 How Should Christians Choose Their Entertainment?

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