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How Should Christians Choose Their Entertainment?Sample

 How Should Christians Choose Their Entertainment?

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Entertainment and Our Soul

What is the value of our soul? When it comes to entertainment, our souls are of the utmost importance. The truth is that in some ways we are being entertained to death. Some people spend hours binge-watching TV shows. Others spend days on end playing video games or arguing on social media with people they have never met. Adults and teenagers are literally addicted to these forms of entertainment. 

Such addiction is unhealthy. It is also revelatory. This reveals something about the state of our souls. It demonstrates that there is a lack of satisfaction in our lives, an emptiness. The Bible says that God put eternity in our hearts. We have an eternal craving, a void. If it is not filled by God, we will fill it with other things; often, worldly entertainment is something we use to fill the vacuum in our souls. For unbelievers, this means that they need to meet Jesus. What does it mean for Christians? 

If we as believers get addicted to worldly things, we discover that the eternal void in our souls is not filled by God. He is not the source of our satisfaction. There is a rift in our walk with the Lord. Endless hours of entertainment mean that we are still looking for something. We are searching for something or someone else to bring us pleasure, enjoyment, or satisfaction. If this is happening, we need to examine our walk with God. Is it real? Did we really get saved? If we know that our salvation was genuine, then we must dig deeper. We need to ask ourselves if we really know our God. If we know Him, are we pursuing Him? Are we in love with Jesus? Is He the greatest desire of our souls?

The Bible tells us that we need to love the Lord with all our heart, all our soul, all our mind, and all our strength. He should be our number one desire. The Scripture also promises us that as we delight ourselves in the Lord, He will give us the desires of our heart. The Lord will fill our souls with joy and His eternal pleasures. He wants to give us all things for our enjoyment. We should have no idols in our hearts; the Lord should be the main source of our satisfaction.

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 How Should Christians Choose Their Entertainment?

Humans like to enjoy themselves. With technological advances, many forms of entertainment, such as movies or videogames, are instantly at our fingertips. Several questions arise for Christians when it comes to entertainm...


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