How Should Christians Choose Their Entertainment?

 How Should Christians Choose Their Entertainment?

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Entertainment and Our Conscience

We know that we are free to make our entertainment choices wisely and conscientiously towards others. However, presented with a great variety of options, many Christians still wonder what the exact standards are. Are there specific appropriate choices for believers to be entertained by? If we are honest with ourselves, we will admit that it would be nice if someone told us exactly what to do. It would make things easier for us. We would not have to examine ourselves as much. We would not have to wonder about the decisions we make. 

However, as we mature in the Lord, we learn that no one can tell us what the exact specifications are. Why? Because God gave us conscience as our barometer and designed us to depend on Him in our choices. In every moment, in every instance, in every decision we make, we must look to the Lord for ourselves. We need to have a sensitive conscience. The Scripture calls it good conscience. We develop such a conscience through studying God’s Word. We also develop a good conscience by spending time with the Holy Spirit in prayer. The Bible tells us that the Holy Spirit will teach us all things. 

When we develop a sensitive conscience, we may ask ourselves: is this form of entertainment pleasing to God? The Scripture says that if our conscience does not condemn us in our choices, neither does God. However, if we feel that what we want to engage in is not pleasing to God nor helpful to our walk with Him, then we need to say no to such entertainment, for the sake of our souls. There is a place for joy and entertainment in our lives. Families can watch movies together. We can listen to music. We can go out to eat together with friends and family members. God has given us everything to enjoy. However, nothing should distract us from the Lord. Nothing should stand as a barrier between us and the Lord’s will for us. 

Once we develop a conscience that is sensitive to God, we have to listen to our rightly informed conscience. We should not turn our conscience off. If you think to yourself, “I spend too much time on Facebook,” you are most likely right. What are you going to do about that? You have to act on the prompts of your conscience. The Bible says that a person is blessed who is not self-condemned in what he or she approves.

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 How Should Christians Choose Their Entertainment?

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