Global Pan(dem)ic & a Sound Faith (Part 1): A 5-Day Identity Check


Our Trinitarian God—Father, Son, and Holy Spirit—has given us a new identity that cannot be undone by short-term or long-term disruptions. Here’s how: 

1.  We belong to the loving Father as His children, a family status never to be revoked, even if we run away from Him. He chose us in love, knowing everything about us.

2.  God will never despise our physical appearance (an external matter so crucial to many) because of apparent lack, real loss, aging, or death. Why? Because we are now part of His beautiful bride. He is transforming His Church into a spotless beauty to be someday presented in stunning display.

3.  Unlike social acceptance, God’s recognition of us does not depend on our successes. God’s Holy Spirit blesses His children fully. He never loses use for the gifts He has given us for service to others. He continues to call and equip us as we pursue fruitfulness in life and ministry.

Our God-sourced identity allows us to serve others well. Instead of forming our identity, our service roles then become outlets to minister out of our identity, even in times of distress.