Global Pan(dem)ic & a Sound Faith (Part 1): A 5-Day Identity Check

Day 2 of 5 • This day’s reading


Disruptions in life test the quality of our self-identity. 

Ironically, this pandemic has us putting on external face masks while we unmask our interiors. Even as some lockdowns have been lifted, all of us still face some sort of isolation. In this type of situation, the three features of self-identity—our belonging, our appearance, and our performance—take a severe beating. Our multiple identities, drawn from our expected social roles, can fall apart when we’re no longer physically with those we seek to impress. 

But wait! In any circumstance, a Christian’s self-view should not depend on the world’s value system. It’s also true that worth does not come from within. We have a better identity source—an ultimate one. A Christian embraces internally the external source of her or his personal value. God grants value and provides identity.

Read on tomorrow about how our spiritual redemption makes it possible to accept what God says about our new true identity in Him.