Global Pan(dem)ic & a Sound Faith (Part 1): A 5-Day Identity Check

Day 1 of 5 • This day’s reading


There is a famous theater called The World. On its marquee, it has this pandemic-produced message: "The World Is Temporarily Closed." 

No pandemic in history has ever affected the world so broadly. But Christians have a sure way to stand firm amidst this season of global trauma. 

When I get up to speak publicly, technical assistants will ask me to test the sound system. These days, I simply say, "Testing, testing, testing." 

This global pandemic is testing the very fiber of the human race. It is especially testing our hearts.

I landed in Botswana the weekend before COVID-19 began to spread on the African continent. As my host picked me up, he asked me three questions: "Is this the end times? Is this God’s judgment upon us? What is God saying and doing to us?"

I’m not God, and I do not know exhaustive answers. But He has revealed His truth in His Word, and I want to point you to things that bring us comfort, assurance, and encouragement. 

During this Bible Plan, I am going to ask you to read and enjoy Scripture and then consider how the truths of your Faith—not your personal faith but the Christian Faith, the Trinitarian Christian Faith—will help you meet and succeed in the tests of life. 

In the middle of distress and when the future is uncertain, the Trinitarian Christian Faith gives you the privilege of meeting life’s trials with spiritual flourish.