14 Days to Integrating Faith and Fitness


Live Holistically

This is where it all starts, where your journey to integrating faith and fitness begins. It doesn’t begin in the gym or in your local church. It doesn’t begin in your small group or on the track. It begins in your mind and heart.

Though you might be tempted to see faith and fitness as two completely unrelated activities, for integration and growth to occur, you must begin to see all of life: the physical and spiritual, as connected. You are who you are at church and at the gym, which means that if you’re a selfish pig at the gym, you’re a selfish pig. Don’t live a compartmentalized life. Holistic living means that you see all of life as connected. It means you see that God has a hand and a purpose in everything. Every meal, every workout, and every conversation carries weight, shaping your reality and direction in life. So going to the gym isn't simply a disconnected act. It's a vital part of who you are and the mission God has created you to pursue. God has not accidentally wired you like He has, given you the community you call home, or ignited you with unique passions.

As we get started with this 14-day plan, though, if there are inconsistencies in your life, little discrepancies between who you are in different environments, take a moment to identify those. You might even want to write them down in a notebook somewhere as you begin dreaming about what it would look like to live a life of integrity, where you’re indistinguishable from Sunday to Saturday.