Uncommen: Resolved Mysteries

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Love One Another 

Without a doubt, the hardest thing to do is love one another. Just check out a Facebook feed and it becomes apparent one cannot say much without another objecting. Those objections then turn to aggressions and all too often more profound insults. Why is it so hard to show love to one another? Is it because it is easy to become attached to our work, hobbies or other selfish interests?

The Apostle Paul tells us that children are to show love to their parents and parents to love their kids. Who doesn’t want to be loved? It is easy to use our past hurts as a reason not to love. What would happen if we could look into the future and see what we are preventing by holding tightly onto the past? God sees it. He knows it. He wants you to squeeze life as you would a lemon and grasp the moments that matter. What happens if you miss the Divine moment you have been awaiting? Be Uncommen and embrace every moment over minutes. Be intentional with your family, with strangers and others not like yourself. You will find that service changes your heart and that of others. Sometimes it’s the lack of sharing a love that leads to deep emotional wounds. These wounds lead to resentment, resentment becomes a vicious circle of despair and love gets lost along the way. The more love we give, the more love we receive. 

We have a statement at UNCOMMEN that only a jack ignores his kids or tunes out his kids. Men, we don’t have to be a jack. We can be love. It is never too late. Whatever it may be, know that through the redemptive grace of Jesus, we can overcome whatever failures we have experienced, the hurts we have endured and the hurts we have created. Through the redemptive grace of Jesus, we can reconcile everything.  

Uncommen Questions:

Is there an area where you can show more grace toward others?

Is there an area of your life that you need to admit to and seek reconciliation?

Uncommen Challenge:

Allow grace to fill your day to forgive others and show love to someone who has offended you.

Scripture Verses:
Ephesians 6:1-4