Uncommen: Resolved Mysteries

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Mystery Revealed

“Assuming that you have heard of the stewardship of God's grace that was given to me for you, how the mystery was made known to me by revelation, as I have written briefly." (Ephesians 3:2-3)

The Apostle Paul was given excellent stewardship through the grace of God. These were gifts given to him by our Sovereign God. Paul didn’t say one day, “I’m going to be an excellent steward of my gifts.” He was chosen. God selected him to fulfill His purpose for the man once named Saul. With a murderous past, God commissioned him with knowledge, gifts and authority to carry the Gospel of Jesus to the Gentiles. Paul would bring to light the mystery of Christ, bringing together in one family of Christ, the Jew, and the Gentile. Life together was an Uncommen occurrence for the time. Accepting one another was not possible before Jesus, and His message was entirely misunderstood by many. Paul reveals the mystery of Jesus’ message with his insistence that spiritual knowledge precedes practical application. Therefore what is not understood, becomes impossible to apply. Paul also discloses that there would be no distinction between races, social or spiritual for all saved.  

 It was given to Paul just as we receive it. This grace is undeserved favor; a privilege to be chosen. The message is of God’s free love that comes to us unrestricted. It is a stewardship of grace shared with others, just as Paul shared with the Gentiles.

We have an opportunity to reveal the Uncommen truth of Christ. He who is just as much a mystery today as it was to those of the first century. This mystery revealed by the Holy Spirit the channel by which God shared His revelation. Another great truth told is that we are all heirs in the church of Jesus Christ as believers. We have an Uncommen fellowship together as followers of Christ.

Uncommen Questions: 

Are you sharing the Good News with others?

Reflect on how the Holy Spirit has guided you?

Uncommen Challenge:

I challenge you to share the gifts of grace through the Gospel of Jesus with someone this week.

Scripture Verses:
Ephesians 3:2-6