Uncommen: Resolved Mysteries

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Give the Glory to God 

As I experience transformation, my passion for the world and to be known by the world has waned. I pray to be remembered more by God than perceived by the world. I give Him all the glory for my transformation, my family and what I have. I give Him the glory for all the works through me. I transitioned from a long career in photography as the industry faded over the years, making change difficult for many. And while I experienced some difficulty navigating the waters of change, being centered in Christ has made the adjustment easier for me than my colleagues.

I spent part of my life worshipping my little “k” kingdom, seeking glory for myself in awards and admiration. I wanted to be loved, but I found it from all the wrong places. I was the nerdy, bullied kid in elementary and middle school. It was a struggle being a year younger than my classmates. I didn’t develop physically as soon as they did. All my years were awkward, and being an asthmatic, I couldn’t participate in sports or other activities like everyone else. But I found I could develop additional skills to be better than anyone else. One of which was photography. At the age of fifteen, I had no idea that I would be speaking and teaching on a national platform twenty-five years later. While it was fun, I still was not happy. I did not realize that happiness was always within me; I just had to make room for Jesus in my heart. 

When we surrender our service to God, we no longer see or define ourselves as the world does. We become Uncommen as we grow in faith, our confidence. We realize that anything is possible with God. We have to trust in God and give Him the glory. When we are grounded in His love, we discover restoration and healing in our lives through His redemptive recovery. When we move from isolation to vulnerability, we gain independence. 

Uncommen Questions:

What is an area of your life that needs restoration?

What prevents you from giving God His due glory?

Uncommen Challenge 

I challenge you to find a way to share God’s dynamic unlimited love!

Scripture Verses: 
Ephesians 3:14-21